What is Bluetag? Bluetag is a new brand of product from Kolar craft treasury. Inapplicable experience gathered during fifty-years tradition inspired the creation of brand that will certainly enrich your space. Main attributes of Bluetag are of uncompromising quality, unique design and innovation of product. Quality. Design. Innovation. Only the best materials are used in the process of development that leads to the perfection of every single detail. and it will constantly amuse you while encountering numerous copies. Peculiarity of design is an ideal complement to your everyday life Why Bluetag? Blue as colour symbolizes expertness, trustworthiness, confidence, stability and responsibility. This is exactly what most figuratively describes a brand and it is connected with our mission: Manufacturing of high quality products that generate confidence of the customer over quality, design and innovation of afore mentioned. And serves the same and only purpose: to have a pleased costumer at the end. Bluetag. At the end of the day, people are more important than any material pleasure. Therefore, we strive to additionally ensure you delightful sojourn with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.